POYO is an online event calendar which provides you with prior information on all the current and upcoming events on a global basis. By visiting POYO or becoming a part of it, you are able to keep in touch with all the latest news, updates, and information about what events are going on.

POYO also provides a platform for all the event companies to promote their events to the larger audience. Our aim is to speak on behalf of hundreds of events that are challenged by multiple marketing platforms, limited amount of time, and tight budgets. We even provide a cost-effective solution which can help event companies in tracking their event promotion during all important build-ups.

Building engagement for events, finding new audiences, and reaching attendees where they hang out online are some of the key functions performed by us. With POYO, you can create various advertising campaigns that targets audiences on major news, media sites, and many more related to your event theme.

All this can help you in getting the audience you want to entertain. Armed with extensive market research and real-life experiences, POYO comes with various tools and services which serve event companies in hosting the most successful events possible.